United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd

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Partner Since: 2005
Product: Accounting,Premier,PremierPlus,RetailManager,RetailBasics,abss Business Intelligence Lite Edition
Address: 2105 Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2960 0867
Fax: 852 2960 0878
Mobile: 852 25644649
Email: utservice@united.com.hk
Website: http://www.myob-hk.com.hk

MYOB Certified Phone Support plan 2010
MYOB Certified Consultant 2010
MYOB Certified Trainer 2010
MYOB RetailManager Professional 2010
MYOB ODBC Developer 2010
Awarded Best Value Added Partner in 2009

Services Provided

Provides Phone Support
Provides On Premises Support

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United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. was awarded MYOB Best Value Added Partner, and assigned as the
official service provider on MYOB datafile repairing for HKSAR territory. Being Microsoft GOLD
Certified Partner on data platform and MYOB Certified Developer, we develop and integrate ADDOn
with MYOB accounting core products covering Attendance, CRM, Business Intelligence,
Office365 Mobility, and RetailBasic. We also provide MYOB cloud hosting service and Accelerated
Access solution via Performance Enhancer which was co-launched with MYOB HK in 2009.

United Technologies is staffed with MYOB Certified Consultants and Trainers (AICPA) to provide consulting
and training services on MYOB accounting for HKSAR SMEs. Our Microsoft Certified Engineers and
BI Professionals do on-site integration of MYOB solution on Microsoft platform. Our customer
service team offers remote and telephone support on MYOB products and solution.

United Technologies (Int’l) Limited was established in 1994.
We provide I.T. solutions to HKSMEs, focusing on four areas:
a. I.T. Accounting, specializing on MYOB
b. I.T. Security, specializing on TrendMicro
c. I.T. Maintenance, specializing on Microsoft platform
d. I.T. Marketing, specializing on X-Analyze Smart Marketing, our self-developed CRM application.

Our company is Microsoft Certified Partner, and we are staffed with professionals including Microsoft Certified System Engineers, MYOB Certified Consultants, MYOB RetailManager Professional, and AICPA.

MYOB Related Services

Set up

  • MYOB Version Upgrades, Data Migration and Import-Export.
  • Basic installation service, Getting Started training, and first month telephone support for NEW MYOB customers.Monthly hosting service (for customers that don’t intend to invest in hardware platform initially) and maintenance with security setup
  • Performance Enhancer for MYOB Premier – to speed up MYOB datafile and remote access (i.e. terminal services).

Support Plans

  • UNITED MYOB CLUB PLUS – half year support plan on MYOB functions and platform, hotline, remote, and on-site. Includes FILE REPAIRING service.
  • MYOB ODBC ADDOn Development and Support – for reports (P&L and B/S multicompany consolidation, etc.), ADDOn operation functions, integration with third party applications, etc.
  • Monthly hosting service (for customers that don’t intend to invest in hardware platform initially) and maintenance with security setup
  • MYOB RetailManager, RetailEnterprise, and RetailBasics Setup and Support (including POS hardware such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc. and ODBC ADDOn).

United Technologies also provide linking up back-end Premier with front-end RetailBasics. Our ADDOn allows management up to 5 RetailBasics stations (priced @HK$ 7000, after such, @HK$ 1000 per additional RB station):

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Certified Consultants

Sunny Yaury
Designation: Sales Director
Phone: 852-29601002-ext77
Email: sunnyy@united.com.hk

Hallie Wong
Designation: AICPA and MYOB Certified Consultant
Phone: 852-29601002
Email: hallie@united.com.hk

Eddy Mok
Designation: Chief Developer and MYOB Certified Consultant
Phone: 852-29601002
Email: eddymok@united.com.hk

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A. For each new MYOB Premier/ Premier Plus license (new serial number, regardless of #users), we offer free:
1. Getting Started (2 seats) English/ Chinese Traditional training, at United Technologies’ Quarry Bay office scheduled biweekly Wednesday.
2. On-site software installation for all licensed users, including datafile.
3. One month office hours telephone support.

B. UNITED MYOB CLUB Plus – Half Year Support Plan on MYOB Premier
1. HK$ 2899
2. includes MYOB Premier datafile repairing
3. includes office hours hotline support
4. includes MYOB Certified Consultant on-site consulting-training services

C. UNITED MYOB Starter Plan – For customers that purchase MYOB in the market
1. HK$ 1000
2. 2 seats Getting Started training (English or Chinese Traditional)
3. one time on-site software installation service
4. one month office hours telephone support

D. MYOB Premier/ Premier Plus ADDOn Reports
1. HK$ 5000 for multicompanies consolidated Profit and Loss report
2. HK$ 5000 for multicompanies consolidated Balance Sheet report

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Performance Enhancer, MYOB RetailSystem (Premier Plus, RetailBasic, CRM, Attendance, Mobility)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping and year-end audit preparation, CPA service (includes setup consulting for different industries).
  • Consulting service (CPA-related, retail-business operation, and I.T. platform related).
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MICROSOFT Office365 Online Service
IBM Server and Lenovo PC, TrendMicro Security

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Contact United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd
Phone: 852-2960 1002
Fax: 852-2960 0878
Email: utservice@united.com.hk
Address: 2105 Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
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