Sunset Policy

Effective 1 October 2010

From 1 October 2010, Asian Business Software Solutions Pte Ltd, the master distributor for MYOB Hong Kong and Macau, will no longer be providing technical support for certain earlier versions of MYOB product, instead the company will focus on providing support resources for customers who are either:
  1. Registered users of the latest-version MYOB product; or
  2. Registered users of up to two versions before the latest-version MYOB product

If you are not registered to the latest MYOB product or your version of MYOB product is three versions older (or more) than the current-version MYOB product, then your MYOB product will not be supported by Asian Business Software Solutions Pte Ltd under the terms of the policy that will be in effect from 1 October 2010.

A table detailing the current support status of all MYOB products (including discontinued MYOB business products) is provided on the MYOB Hong Kong website, as are answers to further questions regarding the changes. Please click here to check on your product.

What services do you have access to if you are three versions and below?

Even if you are running your business on a version of an MYOB product for which Asian Business Software Solutions Pte Ltd does not support anymore and require technical assistance, please visit to locate our partners. Some partners may provide this assistance.

Site Key Generator

Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with this request as this version is no longer supported by MYOB. The Site Key generator is an old technology that has been phased out by MYOB. We no longer provide this service which is covered under the MYOB Sunset Policy. For assistance with any of these procedures, please call MYOB Professional Partners to upgrade your software.

Repairs to your product datafile

In the event of your MYOB product datafile (the database on which your business data is coded and stored) being corrupted or damaged, United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd may be able to help you recover and restore you business data. Please contact United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd at 852 2960 1002 or

Password retrieval

In the event of a master administrator password to an MYOB datafile or a sub-password to an area of product authorisation (such as the payroll) being misplaced, forgotten or having moved on with a departing staff member, United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd may be able to reset the password for the registered user of the product. You may contact United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd at 852 2960 1002 or

Purchase of further licenses

If you run your business on a ‘multi-user’ MYOB product such as MYOB Premier or MYOB Retail Manager and you would like to increase the number of people who can access your business data simultaneously, any MYOB Professional Partners can provide further product licenses.

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Which Products are affected by the Sunset Policy?

Please read down the left-hand column to find your MYOB product and then across the columns to determine your direct support status.

Sunset Products – Table
MYOB product Latest version Other supported versions Non supported versions
(Note: some MYOB Professional
Partners may provide support)
MYOB Accounting V19 V17, V16 V15 and below
MYOB Premier V13 V12, V10 V9 and below
MYOB PremierPlus V13 V12
MYOB RetailBasics V3
MYOB RetailManager V10 V7
MYOB BusinessBasic Discontinued Product

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Frequently asked questions about the changes to MYOB Sunset versions.

I like the version of the MYOB product I’ve got – why can’t I get technical support for this version?

Providing technical support resources for more than three versions of each MYOB product is a considerable commercial challenge. Each version requires its own technical product specialists who are constantly updating technical information (for instance, when older-version MYOB products are introduced to new operating systems such as Windows® XP®).

MYOB has to balance the support needs of all of its 700 000 customers, and unfortunately it is not possible to provide the full spectrum of support for each and every customer. Drawing the line at three versions back (including the current version) is a compromise that best meets the needs of most customers.

Providing access to three years of support also assists those customers who are new to the MYOB software environment with enough time (namely, at least two annual ‘business cycles’) to familiarize themselves with their product’s functionality.

Other major technology firms contain the issue by restricting support to two years or two versions (including the current version); MYOB has elected to provide a further year of support.

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I’m going to stick with my current version of MYOB product – how do I get technical help now?

The extensive support documentation that was initially supplied with your MYOB product answers most questions that have been asked by customers over the years.

Of course we understand that sometimes it can be easier to be talked through a problem, and many thousands of MYOB customers have benefited from the experience of an MYOB Professional Partner visiting them on-site and taking them through procedures step-by-step.

Check the current list of MYOB Professional Partner on the MYOB Hong Kong website.

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Are there any specials for me to upgrade to the most up-to-date version of my MYOB product?

Over the years MYOB has provided many hundreds of thousands of customers with a range of special upgrade and support subscription offers.

To establish which latest-version product is right for your business, please visit to find out our Professional Partners and offers.

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Will I be supported for other services such as data file repair and password extraction?

United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd will continue to provide limited technical support if you require repairs to your MYOB product data file (where your business data is stored), or forget your password(s).

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