MYOB Business Support

Now with the MYOB Business Support, you can stay up to date, being compliant at all times plus much more:

MYOB Business Support includes

  1. First preference for automatic software updates when it becomes available
    There have been 7 to 8 upgrades for the MYOB Premier and MYOB Payroll software since 2009 which had helped our Singapore clients stay ahead of time and compliant with government requirements.
  2. Access to our award winning Technical Team dedicated only to solve your queries
  3. Discounts on MYOB Product Trainings

Plus you can save money by spending.
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  1. Upgrades to latest versions
  2. Technical Support 9am-5pm / Mon – Fri
  3. 20% Discount on trainings
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You Also GetNon SupportBusiness Support
Data file repair
Lack of maintenance of your computer or data files could cause file corruption. Fix the errors while maintaining the file information
Data file Trouble Shooting
When error surfaces, investigate possible causes and advise the fixes
Upgrade from old version to new data file
Assist to upgrade files to latest version for non almonised versions
Data file reactivation
Reactivate a file to have both read and write access
Data file cancellation
Option to change file to read only access and maintain within total company file limit
Serial Number Removal
Move data file from one serial number to another
Password Extraction
Retrieve administrator password in case of lost password
[/wptabcontent] [/wptabs] * MYOB will not be responsible for PIC Claims for Premier Upgrade, Accounting Upgrade as well as Premier Plus Upgrade
Sign up today and learn to save up to SGD 1800 by spending on your Business Support and Upgrades