MYOB RetailManager

RetailManager is an advanced Point of Sale and retail business management solution


  1. Fast sales processing
  2. Comprehensive inventory management
  3. Complete business analysis and reports

Ideal if you…

  1. Want to check your sales and profit drivers at any time
  2. Need inventory management
  3. Use MYOB accounting software

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System RequirementsFeaturesDownloads

  1. PC with Pentium III processor (or equivalent) 500MHz or better, with at least 128MB RAM
  2. Hard disk with at least 1GB free
  3. 16-bit colour, 800×600 screen resolution
  4. Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4 (Service Pack 3 or higher), Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional


  1. To facilitate effective backups, a CD backup or removable drive solution is recommended

Optional hardware devices

  1. EFTPOS terminal
  2. Barcode scanner
  3. A4 laser printer for printing reports and bar code labels
  4. Docket printer – minimum 40 columns
  5. Electronic cash drawer
  6. Customer pole display
  7. Programmable keyboard
  8. Touch screen
  9. Scales*

* Selected Magellan, Toledo, and Wedderburn scales only. Note that a communications port is required for each additional device.

Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Hardware Compatibility

MYOB RetailManager works with a wide range of point-of-sale hardware. At first the choices may seem overwhelming. The following information describes the hardware components commonly used with RetailManager. Advice on selecting hardware can be found in the guide to choosing the right point of sale equipment for your shop.

Docket printer

A docket printer prints customer receipts on narrow continuous paper just like the receipts printed by a cash register.

It is recommended that you choose a docket printer from the following list of models compatible with MYOB RetailManager:

  1. Posiflex PP – 1200
  2. Posiflex PP – 3000 EP
  3. Posiflex PP – 3000 ST
  4. Posiflex PP – 4000
  5. Epson TM – U200D/U200PD
  6. Epson TM – U210A/U210B
  7. Epson TM – U210D
  8. Epson TM – T88II
  9. All Star Thermal Mono
  10. All Star Dual Colour
  11. Star TSP2000
  12. Star SP2000
  13. Samsung SRP-350
  14. Citizen CBM 230
  15. Citizen CBM 231
  16. Citizen CBM 1000
  17. Citizen IDP 3210
  18. Citizen IDP 3221
  19. Citizen IDP 3420
  20. Citizen IDP 3421/3423
  21. Citizen IDP 3530
  22. Citizen IDP 3540/3545/3550
  23. Citizen IDP 3541/3546/3551

40 Column Receipt Printers

  1. Posiflex PP – 6000
  3. EPSON TM-T90
  4. EPSON TM-J2000
  5. EPSON TM-J2100
  6. Star TSP700

Cash drawer

You can connect an electronic cash drawer to the computer, which acts in the same fashion as a cash drawer connected to a cash register. The drawer simply opens when instructed by MYOB RetailManager.

Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner simply translates the lines on a barcode label to a product number. RetailManager then looks up the product number in its database and finds the relevant description, price and other details. Barcodes greatly increase the speed and accuracy of sales processing.

Customer display

A customer or “pole” display shows the customer the name of each product and the price as it is scanned, as well as showing a message when the till is idle (eg. “Summer Sale On Now!”). It is recommended that you choose a customer display from the following list:

  1. Posiflex PD-2100
  2. Posiflex PD-2200
  3. Puritron ICD-2002
  4. Cache Technology VFD-202T
  5. Epson DM-D Series
  6. Soteke VFD2025
  7. Soteke VFD2029
  8. Citizen C2201-PD
  9. Sibnet
  10. Partnertech CD5220
  11. TEC


  1. Toledo 8217
  2. Magellan
  3. Wedderburn DS-770

  1. Overview & System Requirements
  2. Features


Features & benefits
Whatever the size of your store, the type of business you run, or the number of outlets you operate, MYOB RetailManager provides a range of flexible retail solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs, giving you the facts and support you need to control your business.

One of Australia’s best-selling Point of Sale systems, MYOB RetailManager puts you in control, streamlining store operations and business management to your requirements.

RetailManager enables fast sales and customer service, manages your inventory from end to end, helps manage staff, and can profile customer information. RetailManager works with most MYOB business management software.

Key benefits

  1. Process sales fast
  2. Build powerful customer relationships
  3. Produce reports at point-of-sale
  4. Streamline your stocktaking
  5. Manage your stock
  6. Connects with point-of-sale peripherals
  7. Export to MYOB business software
  8. Backup and Restore Process
  9. RetailManager Security
  10. Add additional Sub-Licenses and a Remote Site license
  11. Other RetailManager features

Process sales fast
Ring up cash sales, EFTPOS, lay-bys, invoices, quotes, take customer orders and identify unique sales opportunities fast with the easy-to-use sales screen.
New staff can be taught the basics in minutes.

Build powerful customer relationships
With the ability to link transactions to customers, RetailManager makes it easier to identify profitable customers and the additional sales opportunities they represent – improving your customer service and building stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Produce reports at point-of-sale
Just a couple of quick keystrokes and you can tell exactly how your store is going at any point in time – RetailManager updates your stock inventory with each transaction, so you always know what’s on lay-by, what’s on order, and what your best-selling items are.

Streamline your stocktaking
Reduce stocktake time and minimise stock losses by keeping track of your inventory. You can scan or type products in directly, and run a stocktake on the whole store, part of the store, or a single item. You can also keep close tabs on theft and shrinkage.

Manage your stock
Create and maintain a detailed stock inventory, while simplifying the ordering, receiving and labeling of stock. Identify slower stock and get it moving – and ensure your best sellers are always in stock.

Connects with point-of-sale peripherals

  1. EFTPOS terminal
  2. Barcode scanner
  3. A4 laser printer for printing reports and bar code labels
  4. Docket printer – minimum 40 columns
  5. Electronic cash drawer
  6. Customer pole display
  7. Programmable keyboard

Find out more about hardware compatibility

Export to MYOB business software
Export detailed journal entries from your retail point-of-sale software to MYOB Accounting v14*, or MYOB Premier v8* for a comprehensive front-of-house to back-office solution that saves hours of tedious bookwork.

Sales accounts can be reconciled by payment type and at a transaction level (eg. you can balance cash, EFTPOS and credit card transactions).
MYOB RetailManager software also assigns a default tax code to those export journal entries that don’t have one, reducing your exception processing when you are using your other MYOB software to reconcile your accounts, do your banking and manage staff pays.

Multiple-store retailers who export information from each of their stores will also benefit from the ability to assign a trackable job number to the accounting export for each store.
* To maximise the benefit and functionality of MYOB RetailManager’s accounting interface, MYOB Accounting v14 and MYOB Premier v8 are recommended.

Backup and Restore Process
MYOB RetailManager’s enhanced backup and restore process is designed to automate the backup procedure and get you back up and running as soon as possible in the event of computer hardware failure.

The backup process compresses the shopfront backup file, thereby reducing the space required to store your backups. You can also back up to different media types or create a backup that spans a number of floppy disks, should the backup file be large.
The restore process includes an assistant that simplifies the procedure and uses encryption to maintain security.

RetailManager Security
All retailers are concerned about staff fraud and the security of their computerised point-of-sale system. That’s why we have incorporated an advanced feature into the latest release of MYOB RetailManager that restricts access to sensitive areas of MYOB RetailManager. The security feature can be customised, enabling you to create sets of restrictions that can be applied to single or multiple staff members. You can set individual passwords, security override facilities and password protection and reminder functions.

Add additional sub-licenses and a Remote Site license
Once you have purchased and registered your MYOB RetailManager software, you can purchase additional sub-licences for use in the same location in which the product is registered and operated.

Should you wish to operate your MYOB RetailManager software in another location other than your first outlet, a full version of MYOB RetailManager is required for each subsequent outlet under the MYOB RetailManager Licence Agreement.

Remote Site license
Now you can work on your MYOB RetailManager data files from the comfort of your home computer or from another offsite terminal. How? By using the new MYOB RetailManager Remote Site Licence. With an MYOB RetailManager Remote Site Licence you can do almost everything that MYOB RetailManager does in-store, including:

  1. Maintain stock
    Enter new products, update product pricing and amend stock figures
  2. Review business reports
    What’s selling, profits, staff performance, customer purchases and more
  3. Create supplier orders
    Review your required orders and place orders with suppliers
  4. Debtor management
    Print account customer statements and process account customer payments

Other RetailManager features

  1. Set a till float
    Add and remove a float amount for each till and cash up session
  2. Process multiple sales
    Which means faster customer service, especially when one customer decides to change items in the middle of a sale
  3. Add-on sales prompt
    Prompt staff with stock-specific add-on sales messages
  4. Record non-cash sales
    Such as lay-bys, invoices, quotes, gift vouchers etc
  5. Cash-up from within the program
    Offers the convenience of cashing-up at any time from within the program instead of closing down and reopening (as with some other software)
  6. Track serial numbers
    Improve stock control by tracking serial numbers from goods received to customer sale, including warranty dates on the sold item
  7. Print packing slips
    Use them as checklists when packing an order for shipping or collection


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