MYOB RetailBasics

RetailBasics allows you to process sales fast and do “Cash Ups” in just a few clicks.


  1. Australia’s leading POS software
  2. Chinese & English interfaces
  3. Transfer data to MYOB accounting software *
  4. Works with most POS hardware

* Compatible with MYOB Premier v8 or later, MYOB Accounting or later

Ideal if you…

  1. Are starting a retail business or are tired of using a cash register
  2. Have your own PC
  3. Want to create a professional look for your business

Local version: HKD$ 4,049

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System RequirementsFeaturesDownloads
Minimum system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 2000 or XP
  2. Processor: Pentium III @ 500MHz or better
  3. Memory: 128MB RAM
  4. Hard disk: 1GB of free disk space
  5. Display: Video card capable of 1024×768 and at least 256 colours
  6. Mouse & keyboard: Windows compatible
  7. Printer: Windows compatible
  8. Backups: USB or DVD/CD writer backup device recommended
  9. Communication ports: a free USB/parallel port for the hardware key

Turn your PC into an effective Point of Sale solution in minutes. Simply load RetailBasics and start ringing up sales!
RetailBasics’ Setup Assistants can set up your system in around 20 minutes, allowing you to process sales fast and do “Cash Ups” in just a few clicks.

Localised solution with Chinese and English interfaces
To cater the unique requirements of Hong Kong retailers, MYOB RetailBasics is the only international POS solution that comes with both Traditional Chinese and English interface. You can record stock items or customer details and print reports in Traditional Chinese.

Transfer data to Hong Kong’s best-selling accounting software
MYOB is the best-selling accounting software in Hong Kong*, and now we proudly present Australia? best-value POS software to Hong Kong retailers ?MYOB RetailBasics. MYOB can make your operation more efficient by providing comprehensive front-end POS solution to back-end office management that helps to streamline your retail business. You can easily transfer data from MYOB RetailBasics to MYOB business software** – creating monthly reports is so easy than ever!
    * Based on result of Hong Kong Retail Audit conducted by Cimigo in 2006
** Compatible with MYOB Premier v8 or later, MYOB Accounting v14 or later

Fast sales processing

  1. Process sales, lay-bys, refunds
  2. Multiple payment types: cash, credit card and cheque
  3. Easy handling of discounts, returns and credit card surcharges
  4. Pcoess payment in foreign currencies
  5. Customisable to speed up your processes
  6. Fast counting of your takings

Ease of use
MYOB RetailBasics is easy to use and simplifies staff training. Setup Assistants take just 20 minutes to set up your system ?so you can start your store today! The simple and attractive interface displays stock pictures, and prints your business name, contact details and return conditions on customer dockets ?giving your business that professional look.

View sales data

  1. What is selling, when and in what volume
  2. Which staff member or customers are the best
  3. Discounts and refunds given

Create stock lists

  1. Create, update and print a list of all your stock items
  2. Add, change or delete items from your list
  3. Insert pictures of stock items
  4. Print stock code labels and price lists

Manage customers

  1. Add, edit, delete or search for customers
  2. Print customer lists
  3. Link transactions to customers
  4. View customer transactions

Compatible with most POS hardware

  1. Barcode scanners
  2. A4 laser printers for printing reports and barcode labels
  3. Docket printers – minimum 40 columns
  4. Electronic cash drawers
  5. Customer pole displays
  6. Scales (selected Magellan, Toledo and Wedderburn scales)


For More Information, Download Our Data Sheet and Supporting Documents

pdfMYOB RetailBasics Brochure

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