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MYOB Professional Partner Programme

Professional Partners are highly valued MYOB partners. With thousands of MYOB customers and software users across Hong Kong, the demand for Professional Partner’s skills is high.

Along with the recognition of your experience and skills when you become a Professional Partner, you will enjoy a range of additional benefits.

Key Benefits

  1. MYOB range of products: Receive updates and upgrades of all software releases (not-for-resale CDs only)
  2. abss Business Intelligence (BI) software: Receive updates and upgrades of BI releases (not-for-resale CDs only)
  3. Technical support: Unlimited telephone support from our knowledgeable technical support representatives
  4. Pre-sales support: Direct access to MYOB sales specialists for assistance with pre-sales efforts
  5. Resale options: Professional Partner programme members are eligible to purchase copies of MYOB software and abss Business Intelligence software at a discounted price for resale to clients
  6. Marketing materials: Brochures, test-drive CDs, empty display boxes and other promotional aids to help in the marketing of MYOB and abss products services to your client base
  7. Trial versions: Your initial Professional Partner programme kit will include MYOB trial version CDs to help you attract new clients. These CDs contain current MYOB products
  8. Web listing: 100-word description of your company and its services to be used in our Professional Partner directory on our website. A Professional Partner write up that refers to the online listing is provided in every box of MYOB software.
  9. Dedicated Account Manager: Point of contact to help with any issues you may have
  10. Training: Training for your staff to get up to speed with our software
  11. Marketing Development fund: An exclusive assistance to encourage brand awareness and marketing activities amongst the partners.
  12. Additional resale options: Receive discounts not available through any other channel on additional MYOB products such as upgrades and technical support plans

What Is The Criteria?

The MYOB Professional Partner programme is for consultants and value-added resellers who specialise in recommending, providing and implementing accounting or point of sale software solutions for either single-user or multi-user environments. Services provided include installations, support, training and other specialised services.

All interested applicants are required to sit and pass MYOB Entry Level Professional Partner assessment test. Only successful candidates will be appointed and required to pay for Professional Partner annual membership fee. In addition, Professional Partners must also show your commitment by meeting the target given by MYOB consistently.

Reseller/Retailer Partner Programme

Why Should I Become An MYOB Reseller/Retailer Partner?

As one of the more popular accounting software in Hong Kong, we get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to buy MYOB software. Get additional revenue and competitive advantage over your competitors by selling MYOB software titles.

Key benefits

  1. World-class small business accounting software: MYOB software has over 700,000 customers around the world.
  2. No support hassles: “Sell and forget” with MYOB software. All new customers receive 30 days’ free technical support. Alternatively, if you want to provide implementation and support services, we’ll help you do it.
  3. Value for money: Outstanding value for money for your customers (and a good margin for you)
  4. Pre-sales support: Direct access to MYOB sales specialists for assistance with pre-sales efforts
  5. Reseller status – You are automatically qualified to resell MYOB software to your customers at reseller price depending on your partnership type

What Is The Criteria?

If you are a System Integrator or an Account Services Provider, you can join MYOB Reseller/Retailer Programme to value add to your existing products & services. As part of our exclusive reseller network in the region, resellers must also show your commitment by constantly meeting the target given by MYOB. System integrators and solution providers who are specializing in software are encouraged to sign up.

Want to become an MYOB Partner?

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Note: New Professional Partner is required to sit for an Entry Level Professional Partner test and pay for membership fee upon passing the test.