Lobster Limited

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Partner Since: 2001
Product: Accounting, Premier, PremierPlus, AccountEdge for Mac, ABSS Business Intelligence
Address: Rm 904, Shui Hing Centre, 13 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2377 0466
Fax: (852) 3019 2296
Email: info@lobs.hk
Website: www.myob-hk.com

MYOB Certified Reseller
MYOB Certified Consultant
MYOB Certified Trainer
MYOB Certified Training Centre
abss Business Intelligence Professional Partner

Lobster Limited is fully owned by Cyber Age Limited established in 2000. We embrace the spirit of innovation in response to customer needs and go hand-in-hand with customers in deploying the right solutions. Like a lobster shells off for a bigger and stronger creature, we unlearn, learn and grow to stay strong in the market. Our business lines are:

– Accounting Software / ERP
– Network Infrastructure & Security
– Training & Support
– IT Outsourcing

1. MYOB TurboWare (Speeds up your MYOB processing)
TurboWare is designed for multiple users (>3) running MYOB Premier or PremierPlus on PC platform (without setting up Server) in a fast mode. MYOB data file is being shared in a hosting PC with TurboWare installed. It also allows MYOB operated in multiple sites.

MYOB TurboWare enables:
✔ Multiple users access
✔ Multiple sites access
✔ Speedy data retrieval

✔ MYOB Premier v13 license
✔ Free phone & remote support services
✔ Free 4-hr basic training

Clay Cheuk

Email: claycheuk@lobs.hk
Tel: 2377 0466

Scott Hung

Email: scotthung@lobs.hk
Tel: 2377 0466

Belinda Sham

Email: belindasham@lobs.hk
Tel: 2377 0466

Pauline Yeung

Email: paulineyeung@lobs.hk
Tel: 2377 0466

Contact Lobster Ltd (Subsidiary of Cyber Age)
Email: info@lobs.hk
Tel: 852 2377 0466, 852 2377 0177
Fax: 852 3019 2296