2C Company Limited (Sam Shui Po)

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Partner Since: 2001
Product: Accounting,Premier,PremierPlus,RetailManager,RetailBasics
Address: Shop No. 46, G/F Golden Shopping Centre, 146-152 Fuk Wa Street, ShamShuiPo, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: 852 2725 9861
Fax: 852 2728 4402
Email: webinfo@2c.hk, jimmy@2C.hk
Website: http://www.2c.hk

Working Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 Sham Sui Po Branch

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2C Company was actually established before 1983. In 1988, with the computer market emerging the business began selling computer products under the name Houston Crest and with some success. Between 1989 to 1991, another company was opened that would just sell computer products, such as Notebook Collection and Software Collection, developing until this current day a good reputation in the computer business and thus what is now known as 2C Computer.

2C Company plays an important part in the computer market, and developed with over 10 year’s experience. The products that are available through our shops include desktop computers, laptops, palm computers, software and other computer products, such as printer and scanner. We have worked with many established and recognized manufacturers for many years and sold countless numbers of products. We have recently introduced two new lines which include Solution Centre and Internet Software Centre.

2C promises the best service and continue to improve and satisfy its customers.

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Email: ken@2C.hk
Mobile: 852 2725 9861
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Contact 2C Company Limited
Email: ken@2C.hk
Mobile: 852 2725 9861
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